I am inspired by Jesus, motivated by my family, and fascinated by the world around me.

I love food and its whole concept. I mean, who doesn't right? To me, food is definitely more than just eating it. It's always so interesting to learn the process on how certain foods are grown and prepared, the therapeutic properties certain foods have to the body, and what role food plays in one's life and in each culture.

Hearing people's stories and experiencing new cultures opens my mind and my heart. It broadens my perspective and shapes my worldview. Whether it be travelling and exploring a new city or rediscovering cities I've been to before, there's always something to learn and appreciate from the people living there.

My hope for this website is to share my story and my journey in life so far, and for you to be inspired and encouraged in one way or another. You'll also be seeing posts about local and international businesses, organizations, and charities that who have similar goals and values as I do; plus posts about food, health, eco-sustainability, traveling, and giving back to the community. 

Again, thank you so much for stopping by and getting to know a bit about me! I look forward to sharing this journey with you! :)



In July 2015, I was given the honour and privilege of being Miss Greater Vancouver 2015/16, one of the regional titleholders of the Miss, Mrs and Miss Teen BC Pageant. 

In August 2016, I went to Montréal, Quebec to participate in the Miss Earth Canada pageant where I became the provincial titleholder of Miss Earth British Columbia 2016/17 and received the special award of Miss Earth Canada 2016: Beauty For A Cause.